Triple Band Cuff in Silver

This multi strand cuff bracelet is by far our best seller!!! Handmade in sterling silver, , each band has a different finish for the multi-bangle look in an otherwise simple design. The wide band has a satin finish, and the two thin bands have one hammered and one polished.  It is a simple and sophisticated look that is also easy to wear.

Because this piece is made from high quality sterling silver, it’s simple to pair with your other silver jewelry. It’s minimalist enough to complement a bigger pendant or pair of earrings, but also stands out if worn alone.

Because of the three bands in this multi strand cuff bracelet, it’s the easiest way to create a layered bracelet look - while only having to put one thing on!

Multi Strand Cuff Bracelet - Product Details

This multi strand cuff bracelet measures about 3.4" wide. It is handmade in high quality sterling silver. The cuff comes in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.  Please refer to the size chart to determine your size and contact us if you would like a size that is not listed.

Go here to check this piece out in14k gold orMixed Metal.

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