Torc Earrings

These sterling silver torc earrings are inspired by traditional Celtic torc jewelry - but updated for modern day luxury! They feature a hand cut hammered piece of sterling silver, which catches the light beautifully as the earrings swing.  The simple materials make these torc earrings stand out, while still being perfect for every day.

The earrings are very lightweight and easy to wear, they will easily become your go-to pair of earrings! The handmade hammered texture also makes this torc jewelry perfect for dressing up and wearing from day to night. 

Torc Earrings - Product Details

These torc earrings are handcrafted in sterling silver. Earrings measure 2.25” long (including the silver french wire) and 1” wide. They’re finished with a high polish for extra sparkle.

Want a complete set of torc jewelry? Pair these with my torc necklace for an easy-to-wear collection of minimalist jewelry pieces.