Rose Quartz Cuff

If you’re looking for a one of a kind cuff that offers unique style in an everyday jewelry design, then look no further! This real rose quartz bracelet features an asymmetrical marquise cut rose quartz set in 14k yellow gold and placed in a handmade sterling silver cuff with two bands.

The wide band is lightly hammered and polished, while the thin band is oxidized for a striking contrast with the rose quartz stone. This unique combination of metals and textures makes for a fine jewelry piece you won’t find anywhere else.

This rose quartz bracelet also pairs well with many other pieces of jewelry, thanks to its mixed metal design. Wear it with other sterling silver pieces or pair with small gold studs to accent the gold setting. No matter how you wear this authentic rose quartz bracelet, you’ll have a truly special piece of jewelry to add to your collection.

Real Rose Quartz Bracelet - Product Details

This authentic rose quartz bracelet is available in sizes S, M, L, XL. Please refer to the cuff sizing chart to determine the correct size.