Prasiolite Flora Drop Earrings Sterling Silver

This stunning pair of pale green prasiolite earrings, also known as green quartz, happily hang from a delicately curved, hammered petal.  The petal is handcrafted using sterling silver and attached with a french wire.

These flora drop earrings are the perfect nature-inspired look for spring, summer or fall - and can help provide the feeling of spring even in the dead of winter! While the sparkle of the sterling silver and green prasiolite make it easy to dress these earrings up, the simple design means you can also wear them every day.

Pair them with a little black dress for a fun pop of color and sparkle or match them with a sundress for a relaxed yet luxurious look.

Green Prasiolite Earrings - Product Details

These green prasiolite earrings measure 0.5" wide by 1.25" long. They are handcrafted in sterling silver and attached with a french wire. The earrings shown on the model are in silver with pink amethyst.

Love these flora earrings? Pair them with a matching green prasiolite flora necklace.