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Fluorite Gradient Cuff

This textured purple fluorite bracelet features a rose cut fluorite stone with purple stripes set in 14k on a sterling silver cuff. 

The cuff is textured by hand and tapers out from the fluoriteto catch the light. The ends of the cuff are also textured for that bit of glint on the underside as your wrist moves.

The unique purple fluorite bracelet is perfect for anyone who wants a simple design that still stands out. This would make a beautiful gift for anyone who already has a large jewelry collection because it is truly one of a kind.

Purple Fluorite Bracelet - Product Details

This sterling silver bracelet is Size M.  Please refer to the cuff sizing chart to find your perfect size.  It is possible to adjust this to a smaller size, if you would like this cuff in a size small please contact me first to make arrangements. 

This bracelet is handcrafted in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. The fluorite stone measures 17mm long by 9mm wide. Cuff band measures just under 5mm and is oval shaped for a comfortable fit.