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Fluorite Drop Earrings

Looking for a truly unique pair of handmade sterling silver earrings? These fluorite earrings definitely do the trick! These color change fluorite earrings change color in different lights. In incandescent lights the stones look deep purple. In fluorescent lights the stones look deep blue. In mixed lighting they take on a color somewhere in between.

With the unique color change effect, these fluorite earrings are like having three pairs of earrings in one! And because of their deep hue, they’re easy to pair with just about any outfit. The minimalist design also makes them perfect for everyday wear - a truly versatile pair of silver drop earrings.

Fluorite Earrings - Product Details

These blue/purple color change fluorite earrings are handmade in sterling silver. They pair easily with other sterling silver jewelry and are handmade in my Dublin studio.