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Arc Hoop with Hammered Petal

These elegant earrings are another take on a more traditional hoop. The arc hoop earrings feature a handcrafted sterling silver hoop with intersecting arcs shaped inside. A hammered silver petal hangs below the hoop for added texture and shine.

Lightweight with a contemporary style, the earrings have a nice swing which lets the high polished hoop and hammered petal glint in the light.  

These are a truly beautiful and simple statement earring that are easy to wear and pair with almost any outfit. Wear them alone for a simple look or pair them with any other sterling silver minimalist jewelry.

Arc Hoop Earrings Details

These arc hoop earrings are handmade in sterling silver. Each earring measures 1.25" wide and 2.75" long, including the french wire.

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