Woven Ring in Silver

This handmade woven silver ring features a simple design with two overlapping bands creating an elegant V-shaped ring. This low profile ring is comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. If you want a ring that’s easy to just throw on and look stylish, then this is the handmade ring for you!  

Thewoven silver ring is handcrafted in classic sterling silver, ahandmade ringdesign that can easily fit into just about anyone’s style and jewelry collection. The glossy silver finish adds a touch of shine to an otherwise simple piece, making this woven ring an everyday jewelry piece that still feels special.

This versatile,minimalist jewelry design means you can easily wear this ring day or night. Whether you pair it with jeans and a sweater or take your ring out on the town with a cocktail dress and heels, this glossy, simple woven silver ring completes your look.

Woven Silver RingDetails

The width of this ring measures 0.25”. Thehandmade ring sits close to the skin, with very little material sitting high above the finger to get hooked on clothing and other items. Thislow profile ring design makes it a perfect ring for everyday wear.

Thewoven silver ring is also available in 14k yellow gold and 14k rose gold. Thewoven ring in the video is sterling silver. 

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