Large Leaf Pendant

Thissterling silver leaf pendant is a truly unique piece. It is three dimensional and reversible, offering versatility in how the necklace is worn. Handmade in sterling silver wire, thisleaf necklace is a great addition to anyminimalist jewelry collection - especially for nature lovers! 

Wear this largesterling silver leaf pendant with jeans and a T-shirt for an everyday look, pair with a sundress for a day of shopping or even wear with a suit or professional outfit for a big meeting at work. Bring some of the outdoors with you wherever you go with thishandmade silver leaf necklace.

Sterling Silver Leaf PendantDetails

On the front of thesterling silver leaf pendant, the small leaf is polished for a glossy shine. The large leaf behind it is matte sterling silver.  Wear theleaf necklace reversed and the large leaf is polished and the small leaf is matte.

Theleaf pendantmeasures 1" long and 1.5" wide. The pendant is suspended on an 18" sterling silver omega cable. 

Cable length