8.3ct Dark teal edge, dark pink center

This watermelon tourmaline features a gorgeous vibrant teal and pink color scheme - perfect for making your own customwatermelon tourmaline jewelry.  It's got a unique little cut out to it which will look really cool when framed by the line of a sterling silver or gold bezel.

The video is to show the size of thetourmaline slice on the finger. The stone is sitting on a size 7.5 ring finger. The ring will have a sterling silver back so the colors will be cleanly defined when worn.

Prices listed are for the tourmaline slice turned into customwatermelon tourmaline jewelry, with a silver band, silver back of setting and either silver, 14k gold or 18k gold bezel surrounding the stone.

Design Your OwnWatermelon Tourmaline Jewelry

When you've chosen your slice, we can discuss the band thickness you would like and your correct size.  If you don't know your size. I can send you a ring sizer so you can determine your most comfortable size!

Watermelon tourmalines each come with their own unique characteristics. Each of these slices are unique and while there may be similar ones, this slice is truly one of a kind!