4.85ct Light green edge, light pink center (pair)

A sweet little pair ofwatermelon tourmaline gems for either two dainty rings or a pair of earrings. No matter what you decide to design with thesetourmaline slices, you’ll get soft pastel colors that are lovely and feminine. These slices feature a light green edge and light pink center - perfect for spring and summer accessorizing!

The video is meant to show the size of thewatermelon tourmaline gems on the finger.  They are slightly different from each other but have the same thickness and similar coloring. Each one is still unique! The stone is sitting on a size 7.5 ring finger and the ring or earrings you design will have a sterling silver back so the colors will be cleanly defined.

Prices listed are for a singlewatermelon tourmaline slice, with a silver band, silver back of setting and either silver, 14k or 18k bezel surrounding the stone.  You can choose which stone you want when you purchase or decide to get both as a pair.

Customize YourWatermelon Tourmaline Gems

When you've chosen your slice, we can discuss the band thickness you would like and your correct size for yourwatermelon tourmaline ring.  If you don't know your size I can send you a ring sizer to try on and get your most comfortable fit! If you’d prefer a pair of customwatermelon tourmaline earrings, please contact me to get started.