Prasiolite Flora Pendant

For an even more luxurious take on a prasiolite pendant, gold is the perfect complement. This flora necklace features a stunning pale green prasiolite pendant that is offset against the warm tone of 14k yellow gold.

Set in a simple bezel style, this necklace features a handcrafted prasiolite pendant, gold setting and hand-hammered 14k gold petal that is delicately curved above the stone.

The warm gold tones make this perfect for spring and summer accessorizing, but can also help warm up an outfit in the colder months. No matter where you wear this prasiolite pendant, gold hues are sure to be eye-catching!

Prasiolite Pendant Details

This pale green prasiolite pendant measures 5/8" wide by 1.25" long, including the stone and the 14k gold flora petal. This piece comes suspended on a solid 14k gold rounded box chain available in three sizes: 16”, 18” or 20”.

This piece is also available in prasiolite with sterling silver or with a light pink amethyst stone.

Chain Length