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What Is Rhodium Plating?

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About Rhodium
Rhodium is a sheen white metal and part of the platinum family, which includes iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and ruthenium. It is the rarest of all non-radioactive metals on Earth (annual production is only 3 tonnes per year, compared at annual gold production of roughly 2,500 tonnes). It is the most expensive metal of the group and is the best in resistance to corrosion and tarnish under most environmental conditions.

Rhodium within the jewelry industry is used in plating. White gold and platinum is often plated with rhodium to increase it's wearability and prevent scratching. Plating onto silver provides a strong protective coating for silver which is very soft and tarnishes easily.

Rhodium is also hypoallergenic. For those that are sensitive to jewelry containing Nickel (silver, white gold, base metals such as copper and brass) Rhodium provides and additional layer between the skin and the metal containing nickel.

How long will the plating last? It depends on how much wear a jewelry item takes and how heavy is the layer. Stephanie Robinson's jewelry is plated with approximately 5-10 microns of Rhodium to ensure it lasts for many years.

Bridal hairpieces are guaranteed for life and will look as bright and polished as the day they were purchased.

Caring for your Rhodium Plated Jewelry:
Your Rhodium plated jewelry is very low maintenance so only wash with mild dish washing liquid and warm water. You may use a soft brush such as a tooth brush to get dirt from behind stones if needed.

Hairpins have delicate pins to sit in the hair. They are not intended to 'hold' the hair up, but rather be used to decorate your hair once it has been styled.

Please do not adjust the pieces by bending the metal etc, this could ruin the plate and cause it to splinter and/or break.

* Never use chemicals such as hairspray or silver dip on your Rhodium plated items.
* Don't use polishing cloths that are intended for uncoated silver or gold jewelry. This will hurt the finish and remove the plating.
* Do not place in an ultrasonic cleaner
* Never use toothpaste or ammonia-based products.
* Wash makeup off with warm water before you rub it off.

With proper care your jewelry will last many years!
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